Security Solutions

Security Solutions

Security Solutions

Top Options in Security Solutions for Businesses

There are several types of security solutions that a business can use. Several factors influence your choice, including the type of business, the level of exposure to threats, and your budget.

Here at AeroCMS, we provide reliable security solutions for a variety of enterprise systems.

We will help you determine the level of security you need and set you up with the perfect solution.


A vCISO or virtual Chief Information Security Officer is a top-caliber virtual security expert that creates and implements a strategic information security plan for your business.

These specialists work with a team of security personnel to protect your business from cyber-attacks.

vCISO teams offer the advantages of flexibility in various business setups and expertise in a wide range of industries. They are also much more affordable than keeping a full-time security expert.


Security Information and Event Management, or SIEM, is a security solution that collects and analyzes data from your IT infrastructure to identify threats and other suspicious activity in your system.

Therefore the more advanced SIEM features might include basic security monitoring, log collection, and notifications to alert you to potential threats before they become serious.


Managed Detection and Response, or MDR, is valuable as a secondary layer of protection for your business data if a threat manages to dodge your basic security system.

An MDR comes with advanced security controls, usually managed in a cloud environment, and the latest security tools and universal databases.


With Endpoint Detection and Response, we can track how cyber-attacks work and be prepared to prevent them in the future.

Some businesses use EDR solutions to prevent threats from penetrating their systems, but they are designed to monitor and analyze endpoint data before and after an attack has taken place so that the system can be improved, preventing similar attacks in the future.

Choosing the Right Security Solutions

To protect their data from online threats, many businesses today install all the security solutions that they can find. While multiple layers of protection are recommended, some of these measures might already be redundant.

In other words, you might be wasting money on utterly useless measures. Use our excessive spending calculator to find out if you are spending too much on your current security system.

In the meantime, if you want to protect your business but are not sure of the best way to do so, call us.

Our security consultants will help you figure out what you need, and we will set you up with the perfect solution at a cost that fits your budget!